By contacting your health plan directly, you can get the most accurate information about your plan’s coverage for GARDASIL.

While many private health plans are providing coverage for GARDASIL, the availability of coverage and the level of coverage can vary. Your coverage can even change over time. Because a doctor or health care professional has many patients with different health insurance benefits, he or she may not know the specifics regarding your family’s coverage for GARDASIL. Before you visit the doctor's office, you may want to call your health plan to find out more about what coverage is available.

The questions below are meant to start the conversation with your health plan's respresentative—there may be other questions you should be asking based on your plan’s benefits.

Does my health insurance provide coverage for GARDASIL?

Are there any restrictions on coverage? If so, what are the restrictions?

Will I have to pay for anything? For example:

  • Co-pay or co-insurance? If so, what amount?
  • Deductibles that may apply to GARDASIL? If so, what amount?
  • Extra cost if an out-of-network provider is used? If so, what amount?

Is there an annual coverage maximum (such as a limit on wellness or preventive services) that may affect my coverage for GARDASIL? If so:

  • What is the coverage maximum?
  • What is the current balance against the coverage maximum? (The amount in your health insurer’s records may not include amounts of pending insurance claims that have not been processed.)

If there is an annual coverage maximum (such as on wellness or preventive services), we suggest you discuss the issue with your doctor or health care professional.

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